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The excitment is starting to build up already for this years All Ireland Final. The match is fixed for Sunday 24th July. We would like to wish the best of luck to all the Kerry team, especially the Templenoe & Kenmare representitives in Tadhg Morley, Gavin Crowley, Adrin Spillane, Killian Spillane, Sean OShea & Steven O'Brien.

Kerry Supporters in Templenoe GAA Club,  Supporting the Kerry Team with Ben Leonard directing. Pic By Mary O'Neill


Article - https://www.independent.ie/regionals/kerryman/news/kerry-v-galway-templenoe-and-kenmare-rally-behind-kerry-senior-stars-41849093.html


Article https://www.the42.ie/kerry-football-all-ireland-tadhg-morley-jack-5821959-Jul2022/

Article - https://www.rte.ie/news/ireland/2022/0722/1311610-all-ireland-football-final-kerry/



GREEN AND GOLD by Karen O'Mahony

We remember the words of the famous song "As I leave behind Neidin"

As you look back o'er the winding hills, it's like "purple splashed on green".

But for a while these words can change, a new story must be told

For looking now on the little nest, it's a sea of green and gold.


The many colours of our town, for now they hide behind

It's green and gold for Kerry, the vibrant ones you'll find.

The flags that fly so very high for anyone coming in

Surely they will tell them, its the Kingdom they are in!


But underneath the banner, of Kerry's green and gold

Shines four great club colours, with pride this truth be told.

The blue and white, the red and black, together they are bound

When Templenoe and Kenmare unite, for the Tower, Harp and Hound.


Crowley, Morley, two Spillanes, O'Brien and O'Shea

Will fight side by side on Crokers grass, if only for a day.

These six young men, from different sides, much for both clubs they've done

But united now on Sunday, their hearts will beat for one.


And when ye leave to sink the Tribes, the wind to leave their sail

Know we stand behind you, as strong as any gale

And as you reach the county bounds and "leave behind Neidin"

See the colours have briefly changed, for its golden splashed on green.


And as the coach gets closer you’ll see flags of maroon hue

Here's a little small reminder of the support that's there for you...

Raise your eyes to every tree that's standing tall and bold

For when Autumn comes, their fading leaves are a little green with gold.


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