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Templenoe Crest

Club History

Even before the founding of the G.A.A. in 1884 Hurling and Football were an established pastime in Templenoe. Hurling was by far the stronger of the two codes until the 1920's. However, since then football has taken pride of place and hurling is no longer played in the club.

The club was founded in 1933 but did not affiliate to the G.A.A. until 1938. The first meeting was held in the Merino House with Dan O' Reilly and P.D.M. O' Sullivan elected chairman and secretary respectively. Joe O' Neill was made treasurer, a position he held for the next 33 years.

The GAA was always a very popular pastime in Blackwater but it wasn't until 1938 that the club was formed.  Emigration was at a low ebb prior to World War II and had practically stagnated during the war years which created a rapid growth in the young male population.  Football became one of the main pastimes and the first playing field acquired was known as " The Spur", next to O'Neill's shop.  A nearby field belonging to Phil Coffey was also used for a time.



The one ambition which the club always dreamed of achieving was the acquisition of its own grounds.

List of Captains of the Templenoe Senior Team from 1980 to the present.


Year Captain
1980 Mick Spillane
1981 Sean Finnegan
1982 Denis Sheehan
1983 Tommy Spillane
1984 Johnny Casey
1985 John Rice
1986 Mike Crowley
1987 Johnny O’Sullivan Myles
1988 Patrick Doyle
1989 Patie Moriarty
1990 Kevin Rice
1991 Michael Crowley
1992 John Spillane
1993 Kevin O’Connor
1994 Edward O’Sullivan
1995 Timothy Clifford
1996 Dan O’Connor
1997 John Rice
1998 John Kieran O’Sullivan
1999 Timothy Clifford
2000 Edward O’Sullivan
2001 Edward O’Sullivan
2002 Shane Cremin
2003 Shane Cremin
2004 Shane Cremin
2005 Damien Clifford
2006 Ogie Sheehy
2007 Tommy Granville
2008 Shane Cremin
2009 Shane Cremin
2010 Damien Clifford
2011 Shane Cremin
2012 Shane Cremin
2013 Anthony Sheehan
2014 Shane Cremin
2015 Tadhg Morley
2016 Tadhg Morley
2017 Brian Crowley 
2018 Brian Crowley
2019 Brian Crowley
2020 Teddy Doyle
2021 Teddy Doyle
2022 Gavin Crowley

The Earlier Years,

It is difficult to paint a clear picture of the early years of the Association in Templenoe as a

great deal of valuable information has been lost irrevocably. Because of the absence of any

sizeable amount of written records on the affairs of the G.A.A., especially in its infancy, I had

to rely a great deal on oral sourc

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